You actually do have time to create a digital product,

but you just don't know how to start

I feel you! I know how it feels to look at all the success stories but wonder if it truly works?

SIS, It does work.

Digital products are no longer something that only the "techy" girls do.

It's your turn.

Listen I get it. "Another course" [eye roll emoji]

but this isn't a 70000 videos type of thing.

You will FINALLY we able to launch your first digital product whether it's for your email list, a paid masterclass or even your own ebook.

I mean, you can do it this weekend ;)

What's included in Your Ultimate Digital Weekend Project Bundle

1. Digital Product Masterclass [$99]

Uncover profitable digital product ideas tailored to your strengths and audience.

  • Create with Confidence: Step-by-step guidance to develop and design your digital product
  • Launch Strategies: Proven methods to launch and scale your product successfully.

2. Canva Crash Course [$59]

Learn to create stunning visuals that capture attention.

  • Brand Consistency: Ensure all your content reflects your unique brand identity
  • Efficiency Hacks: Save time with expert tips and tricks for rapid design creation

3. Done-for-You eBook Templates [$89]

  • Customization Made Easy: Tailor each template to fit your brand and message
  • Instant Downloads: Get access to templates that are ready to use immediately from Canva

4. The Simple Email Course

  • Effective strategies to grow a targeted email list
  • Craft compelling emails that convert subscribers into customers
  • Learn automation techniques to streamline your marketing efforts.


Payment plan available [click here}​

I know it can be overwhelming with all the noise in the online space, but this is why I wanted to create something with no fluff. You can create your very first digital product even if you don't have a business!

See you inside;) Send me a DM on Instagram if you have questions.

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